This blog is about a family of two loving parents, two sister schnauzers, a persian, and a very loved young man who faces severe autism daily, sometimes better than others. We will relive the lows, laughs, and joys of our "normal" life. Always under the hand of God.

“Is he a vampire?”

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“Is he a vampire?”

The question was startling because the young boy who asked it was so wide eyed, serious, and innocent. He was not scared or judging, he was just being inquisitive. Madison and I were just getting into the neighborhood pool that summer evening. With Madison’s bleach white skin and red hair, holding his hands up and shaking them, and the recent release of two vampire movies, I could only smile at the innocence of the question. I bet we did seem otherworldly.

Most of Madison’s life is indoors. Tranistions for him are very difficult, he is very comfortable in his own room, so we have learned to start about thirty minutes before we need to leave for anywhere. Even then sometimes we have to cancel because he just can’t handle it. So he is not outdoors much.

Lately, though, that question is becoming relevant again. In the last month, Madison has begun going into the backyard to swing, at six o’clock in the evening. Did I say it is winter and it gets dark at five thirty? Did I say we do not have any lights in the backyard? I swear he can see in the dark. We have often expected it. He often comes into the room and turns off all the lights so it will be “black”. My father would be so proud of him, but I don’t think Madison is trying to save our family any money on the power bill. If he wants to help our finances, I would suggest he lighten up on the fridge.

Man, teenage boys can eat a lot.


Author: Tim Suddeth

Writer and stay at home dad. A graduate of Clemson University and Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. Lives near Greenville, SC with his wife, son, and two precious schnauzers.

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