This blog is about a family of two loving parents, two sister schnauzers, a persian, and a very loved young man who faces severe autism daily, sometimes better than others. We will relive the lows, laughs, and joys of our "normal" life. Always under the hand of God.

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Dear Apple


Dear Apple,

I want to let you know the enjoyment that my son gets from his I-pads. He has three that he MUST carry around anywhere he goes. These, along with his four de-antennae-ed teletubbies, make up his entourage and are, in effect, his teddy bear or security blanket.

My son is fifteen and battles full-blown autism. This means that he has little to no language and the actions that you see in autistic children; flapping hands, sounds, and little acknowledgment of social norms. We have worked with him with sign language, pecs and now using the I-pad to communicate.
Madison has ended up with three I-pads. One he draws on, one he watches Youtube on and the third he records from the other two. He will spend hours filming a part of a film and add his stuffed teletubbies to it. They have allowed him to have a creative outlet that we could not have imagined. However, he deletes them as soon as he is finished.

He has given us some scares with the I-pads. We have two of them in m-Edge covers which have done a marvelous job. Twice they have taken flight from the second story just to be recovered with not even a scratch. One of these episodes was at the mall after he had filmed us going up and down and up and down and up and… the escalator. We paused at the top to look down when Madison decided it was a bird and turned it lose. Actually I don’t know what or if he was thinking. A kind man at the bottom who had been watching us picked it up and held it for us. Like I said it came through unscathed.

Our latest episode did cause casualties. He was sitting out on the porch with our two schnauzers watching the rain being so good. My lovely wife just inside watching out the window and he was filming and singing. Awww, peace. Then Vickie went outside to check on him. He had taken a rock to each of the I-pads and proceeded to mess up the glass on each of the three. The covers didn’t seem to be able to withstand that.

Two were cracked and one was broken. Well, as luck would have it the broken one is the one that he makes his movies with. And his autism did not let him make the connection between what he did and any consequences.

We hid the third one, but we knew we were in for it because he does not forget anything, nor can he be distracted. So he did find it. He saw the broken glass. And proceeded to put the glass under the faucet and turn the water on. He thought that he could just wash the cracks off.

We were able to get the glass fixed and will try to fix the others as we can. He is still using them and practicing being Cecil B. DeMille.

Your I-pads have helped him enjoy life. He still doesn’t communicate with us much, but we hold on to the hope. Just keep your eyes peeled for flying I-pads.