This blog is about a family of two loving parents, two sister schnauzers, a persian, and a very loved young man who faces severe autism daily, sometimes better than others. We will relive the lows, laughs, and joys of our "normal" life. Always under the hand of God.

Not My Daddy’s Household

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One of the amazing things about Madison is that he is able to listen to or follow several things at one time.
Personally, I have a one track mind. When I get involved in something, I can often lose track of things around me. My attention is on that one thing.

Not so with Madison. I went back to his room last night and he was sitting on his bed watching two TVs that he had synced the CDs on so that they played that same spot on the videos at the same time. He also had the piano playing a rhythm that he likes. And he had his I-Pad in his lap playing a YouTube video. And he was in charge of all of it.

This is nothing new. He has done this since he was little. He has had four TVs going all at the same time. But also in three different rooms. He was sitting in the front room so I turned the TV off in his room in the back. He immediately recognized it and said, “TV, TV.” He wanted it back on.

Now, I thought about my daddy who always made us turn off the TV or lights before we left the room. Things are a little different in our household.

Madison is a sixteen year old boy who is on the severe side of the autism spectrum. He never ceases to amaze his dad with his activities. His dad is learning to not ask why, but to enjoy the little boy/young man that he has.


Author: Tim Suddeth

Writer and stay at home dad. A graduate of Clemson University and Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. Lives near Greenville, SC with his wife, son, and two precious schnauzers.

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