This blog is about a family of two loving parents, two sister schnauzers, a persian, and a very loved young man who faces severe autism daily, sometimes better than others. We will relive the lows, laughs, and joys of our "normal" life. Always under the hand of God.

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Yeah! For Tina Fey.

I was so lucky this morning to be able to watch one of Tina Fey’s best¬†acting role, if not her tour de force. Madison was sitting on the couch hanging on her every word.

I’ve seen her several times hosting award shows or on Saturday Night Live on tape.¬†Her timing has always been splendid when she was working with other actors.

Of course I was one of those who never could tell her and Sarah Palin apart. I still wonder which one said what.

But I never knew how she could really get into a character or take over a stage until this morning. It was impossible to take my eyes off of her. Her portrayal of Mother Goose on Sesame Street was dead on. It almost brought tears to my eyes. And when she came up with a new poem on the spot, it was truly a work of art.

Now, Sesame Street is most see TV for any writer want-to-be. It has grammar, a new letter everyday, and character studies of people in your neighborhood. Okay, I think I crossed brands there but you understand.

So if you plan to be a writer, whether books, letters or grocery list, add Sesame Street to your watch list. And you may get to see an award winning-like performance from star. No, really, they have dancing stars. Something DWTS may want to think about.